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Our practice provides counselling in the Parramatta area for a wide range of psychological problems. All counsellors in our practice are psychologists with a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. For more details of counselling qualifications follow our 'Counsellors & Psychologists' link. As such, those with a relevant referral from a GP are are usually eligible for a Medicare rebate for most consultations. For more details on the Medicare rebate available for counselling services, follow our 'Fees & Medicare' link above.

We previously provided counselling from offices at North Parramatta but have relocated to premises in the CBD area of Parramatta. We provide psychological therapy for a range of psychological issues from anxiety disorders, depression, and stress management, through to intervention for sleep disorders and chronic pain. Click here for more details on the counselling services we provide.

At your initial consultation your psychologist will ask a range of questions to get a picture of the general nature of the problems you are experiencing and the goals that you have for counselling. Usually by the end of the initial consultation your therapist will be in a position to provide an outline of a counselling plan to give you some understanding of where future sessions are likely to head. They will also usually be able to give a rough indication of the number of sessions they expect you will require. However obviously this cannot be predicted with certainty and the goals and issues sometimes vary somewhat across the course of therapy.

Nonetheless our Parramatta based counsellor(s) aim to take a collaborative approach to counselling, working with you, the client, to develop goals, and ultimately, while providing you with support and encouragement, aiming to equip you with the skills necessary to tackle issues outside of the counselling room.

For more information about our approach to counselling for particular issues, or to make an appointment at our Parramatta rooms, please phone or email us on the number and email address provided below.


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